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Cartoon Archives in Reverse Chronological Order

January 2018
Orthopedics in Barcelona


October 2017
Orthopedic Summer Holidays


July 2017
Hippy Does Bauhaus


April 2017
Orthopedic Spring Holidays


January 2017
Orthopedic Winter Holidays


October 2016
Orthopedic Autumn Holidays


July 2016
Hip Inspired Garden Re-Design


April 2016
Hippy Celebrates Bosch's 500th


January 2016
Orthopedic Inspired Holidays


October 2015
Orthopedic Inspired Sights of Seattle


July 2015
Hippy Does the Ring Cycle


April 2015
Orthopedic Registry Tattoos


January 2015
Data Domination


October 2014
Orthopedic Artistic Styles


July 2014
Hippy in Pennsylvania


April 2014
Art Movements


January 2014
Orthopedic Valentines


October 2013
Orthopedic Drones


July 2013
Hippy in France


April 2013
Hippy and Scannie Make Plans


January 2013
Orthopedically Inspired Logos


October 2012
Continuing Orthopedic Masterworks


July 2012
Hippy Goes to Norway


April 2012
Hippy Trains For a Marathon


January 2012
Hippy Learns to Use His Smart Phone


October 2011
Star Trek Inspired Orthopedic Alternative Universe


July 2011
Hippy Tries to Stay Cool


April 2011
Orthopedic Poultry Management Devices


January 2011
Orthopedic Toys


October 2010
Orthopedic Fall Leaves


July 2010
Hippy in Austria, 2010


April 2010
Orthopedics in New Orleans


January 2010
Orthopedic postcard from New York City


October 2009
Orthopedic-inspired poultry


July 2009
Hippy in Rome, 2009


April 2009
Orthopedics in Las Vegas


January 2009
Orthopedic Good Luck


October 2008
Orthopedic Economics, 2008


July 2008
2008 OrthoOlympics


April 2008
Joint replacement "spokespeople"


January 2008
Orthopedic Japanese art


October 2007
Orthopedic needlework


July 2007
Orthopedic diversions, Summer 2007


April 2007
Orthopedic Art, Spring 2007


January 2007
Garden Concepts



October 2006
Orthopedics and Jurisprudence



July 2006
Orthopedic Postage Stamps
April 2006
Orthopedic Strategic Supplies
January 2006
Orthopedics in Chicago
October 2005
Orthopedic Biologics: The Next Frontier
July 2005
Hippy's Summer Vacation
April 2005
Spring 2005
January 2005
Orthopedic Art
October 2004
Orthopedic Millenium Park
July 2004
Orthopedic Movie Posters
April 2004
Orthopedic Operas
January 2004
Orthopedics Games
October 2003
Orthopedics in Europe
July 2003
Orthopedic Environmental Art
April 2003
HIPAA Implementation
January 2003
Orthopedically Inspired Medical Products
October 2002
Orthopedics in Classic Movies
July 2002
Orthopedics in the Arts
April 2002
Recent Orthopedic Literature
January 2002
History of Orthopedic Art
October 2001
Middle Eastern Orthopedic Art
July 2001
Orthopedic Movies
April 2001
Orthopedic Electronic Consumables
January 2001
Orthopedics in the kitchen
October 2000
Orthopedic Sports Merchandising
July 2000
Art Forgeries Made by an Orthopedic Surgeon
April 2000
Orthopedic Travelogue: Birmingham, Alabama
January 2000
In Memoriam: Jerry Ward
October 1999
Travelogue of an Orthopedic Artist
July 1999
Parisian Orthopedics
April 1999
Suboptimal Uses of Obsolete Implants
January 1999
Implant Impressions
October 1998
Spinal Implants in Parisian Architecture
July 1998
Orthopedic Musicology
April 1998
Orthopedic Archeology
January 1998
Orthopedic Cartoon Characters
October 1997
Orthopedic Sculpture
July 1997
Implants as "Bony Babies"
April 1997
1997 AAOS San Francisco Meeting Scrapbook
January 1997
Obsolete Implants as Inspiration
October 1996
Orthopedic Christmas Gifts
July 1996
Orthopedic Olympiad
April 1996
Obsolete Implants: Sales Distribution
January 1996
Obsolete Implants and Winter Fun
October 1995
Orthopedic Art History
July 1995
Orthopedics on Parade
April 1995
External Fixation Fashion Statement
January 1995
Orthopedic Wedding
October 1994
Bad Ideas for Orthopedic Implants
July 1994
Orthopedic Theme Park
April 1994
Orthopedics in Art
January 1994
An Orthopedically Inspired Automobile
October 1993
Obsolete Implants
July 1993
Orthopedic Implants in a Summer Garden
April 1993
Orthopedic Implants in Home Decorating (part 2)
January 1993
Obsolete Implants in Home Decorating (part 1)
October 1992
Obsolete implants
July 1992
Obsolete Implants
April 1992
Obsolete Implants
January 1992
Obsolete Implants
October 1991
Obsolete Implants